Writing Diagnosis

Eliminate Language Weaknesses and Build Writing Authority, 

So You Can Charge More and Further Your Career

Most multilingual writers don’t get quality feedback on their writing, so they don’t know what they should improve.

  • Does it take longer to write in English compared to your native language?

  • Does your writing require corrections and rewrites?

  • Do you have doubts about whether your English sounds natural and persuasive?

  • Does your content sometimes fail to get the positive response you want?

If so, you need a Writing Diagnosis 🩺

However much you practise, you need individual feedback on your writing. This assessment system draws on my years of experience working alongside multilingual content writers and authors.

If you are here, you probably write extensively in English for work. Perhaps you are a blogger, a content writer, or a communications professional. Your articles, stories and posts in English are functional, but not compelling. You’ve tried to apply the advanced English you learned in class to your writing, but you’ve failed.

It’s not your fault. What you need is a diagnosis of the issues you face and some advice and suggestions on how to overcome these challenges.

If you don’t act now, you could get stuck at your current career level. Imagine writing content that generates conversations in the office or online. That's the kind of writing that builds your reputation.

Few language professionals are also published writers. Even fewer have dedicated their career to developing a system which helps English learners write effectively. With over ten years of professional writing experience and even more teaching language, I believe that I’m an expert who you can trust.



My three-step approach to improving your English writing

✍️ Proofread and comment on your work so you can immediately improve your accuracy and write effective texts.

✍️ Diagnose the areas for you to improve (structure, style, grammar etc).

✍️ Recommend tools and practices that can help you overcome your issues.


Writing Diagnosis Report 🩺

In addition to comments and corrections on up to 1,500 words, the Writing Diagnosis includes a ten-page personalised report (delivered within one week of payment).

The Writing Diagnosis Report includes the following sections:

  • Language assessment
  • Writing skills assessment
  • Advice and suggestions,
  • Resources
  • Next steps to take

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Diagnose your English writing issues today

Writers can pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars for individual editing commentary, but my advice is not going to cost you anything close to that.

In terms of value, you’ll be able to gain far more in the future through new opportunities that come your way due to your improved English writing skills.

*** Limited offer price: $65 *** 

Due to my 2023 schedule, this service is only available until February.

You have three options to solve your writing problems:

  • You can do nothing and stay on the same track.

  • You can practise and try to make your own adjustments.

  • Or you can work with a coach who is invested in your success.

Invest in yourself and ask for professional help.

Order your Writing Diagnosis today.


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