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Transform Your Writing in only 3 months So You Can Publish Inspiring Work in English and Charge More

transform your writing - 12 week course

I believe, using personalised examples is the key to becoming a proficient English writer, and it’s only attainable through working with a writing coach.

  • Does it takes longer to write in English compared to your native language?
  • Do imprecise vocabulary and errors make your work sound less natural?
  • Does your writing lack logical progression?
  • Does your content sometimes fail to get the positive response you wanted?

You Need to Transform Your English Writing

No book or course uses your writing and examples in your field to teach language and communication skills. This new system draws on my years of experience working alongside international writers and language professionals.

I’ve worked with content professionals around the world who were great at their job, but were held back by their English. They couldn’t communicate in as precise a way as in their own language.

One example is a client who was struggling to complete long reports in English for an EU project. She wanted her writing to be more accurate and effective so she would be given more projects by the organisation. At that time, she wasn’t sure if she could get enough work to continue as a freelance assessor and was looking for a job. She applied for an Erasmus grant in order to take my program and invest in herself. Her reports are so much clearer and she learned new techniques to apply to future work. By employing my advice, she saves hours in writing time. She is now her own boss, a full-time assessor and has won many more projects due to her improved written communication.

English writing coach client testimonial

If you are here, you probably write extensively in English for work. Perhaps you are a blogger, a content writer, or a communications professional. You’ve tried to apply the advanced English you learned in class to your writing,but you’ve failed.

It’s not your fault. The real problem is the lack of good writing examples from your field. Through analysis of effective writing you can improve.

Rest assured, you are not alone!

English Writing Coach profileThe problem is that you're not getting professional feedback on your work. Even if you know the areas you need to improve, you don't have a system to follow. Your English classes were too general and not tailored to your actual use of the language. English teachers, videos and books give you the building blocks to write high level text, but they don’t train you to build and improve.

If you don’t act now, you could get stuck at your current career level. Persuading and inspiring international colleagues and clients is your route to progressing your writing career.

English writing expert:

Few language professionals are also published writers. Even fewer have dedicated their career to developing a system which helps English learners write effectively. With over ten years' professional writing experience, and even more teaching language, I believe that I’m an expert who you can trust.


“As a direct result of taking Phil’s course, my tweets get 5x the engagement and I keep getting compliments on my writing.”


My three-step approach to improving your English writing

    1. Improve your accuracy immediately - comments on and correction of documents to help you reduce errors in your writing
    2. Learn from the best - we analyse good practices and read effective examples
    3. Add new writing tools - complete exercises to input and grow new skills

    Transform Your writing course

    Spend 3 hours a week for 3 months, you will Transform Your Writing.

    We work together in our weekly coaching session on Zoom. I'll give you feedback on your work and we'll discuss different aspects of writing - structure, style, vocabulary, punctuation and more.

    You'll have access to a shared folder with tons of resources and reference material.

    Each week, you'll complete an assignment and together, we'll watch your skill level grow.

    In just twelve weeks, you'll be able to improve the accuracy, content and technique of your writing through careful analysis and structured practice, so you can submit inspiring and effective work in English. The improved quality of your writing will help you to find new clients, gain a promotion or charge more for your work.


    transform your writing - 12 week course

    To register you interest in the course, send an email to Feel free to introduce yourself and your writing goals.


    Here’s what others have said about the course:

    “My English has improved impressively. I wrote a children’s book which I proposed to my agent. Philip is my writing coach and I consider him a pillar of my business.” Catarina, Illustrator, Italy.

    “Philip gives a lot of good advice on how to improve your writing. He’s eloquent with his explanations and he has a deep vision in writing.” Meidy, Copywriter, Guadeloupe.


    Join the Transform Your Writing program and receive the following benefits:

    added value
    • Access to my two writing guide PDFs and comprehensive eBook writing guide.
    • Join the free monthly Short Story Club (Zoom discussion)
    • Access to the English Writing Coach Facebook and LinkedIn Groups - ask questions and get quick corrections
    • 3 months access to the monthly Online Writing Workshop (creative writing)
    • A digital copy of Philip's book of short fiction - Foreign Voices
    • A free follow up session after three months to keep your writing on track
    • $50 discount on future courses

    All of this has a value of over $200!


    Transform your English writing today

    Writers can pay thousands for masterclasses and individual editing commentary, but this course is not going to cost you anything close to that.

    In terms of value, you’ll be able to gain far more in the future through new opportunities that come your way due to your improved English writing skills.

    If you are not someone who wants to propel your career, then this course may not be right for you. If you can’t spare two hours a week to invest in your personal development, then it won’t work out.

    You have three options to solve your writing problems:

    • You can do nothing and stay on the same track.
    • You can try to improve your general English and try to apply it to your own situation.
    • Or you can work with a coach who is invested in your success.

    To find out more about the course and make a personal learning plan, send an email to

    Invest in yourself and make the call.

    Contact me on FacebookLinkedIn or via my email.