"Welcome to the Trouble with Writing Podcast, where we chat about the real issues that stop multilingual writers producing effective English and see where we can help."

More and more multilingual writers are using English for their academic and professional careers. The harmful stereotype that 'native speakers' are better writers and a more deserving of top jobs is being eroded little by little. Many more great opportunities are opening up for writers around the world.

However, language (especially written work) needs some kind of anchor point. The English we read must conform to accepted standards while demonstrating the unique voice of the author. This is the challenge that fascinates people like me, who are both language coaches and writers themselves. In Summer 2022 I started a podcast with two amazing co-hosts.

Paul Duke is an academic writing coach who lives in Vancouver, Canada. He broadcasts a weekly grammar show on YouTube and helps thousands of students with his online courses.

Peter Pozner is a DELTA-qualified language coach who lives in Valparaiso, Chile. He works with journalists to help them transition into publishing high-quality work in English.

I work with creative writers and content writers, so between us, we cover a decent section of the writing landscape.

I'm so happy to welcome these pros on board. We have such a great time chatting about all things writing. We want to discuss the challenges that face multilingual writers who use English. We want to help them flourish and reach their writing goals. So each month, we cover a new challenge for writers and offer tips and advice on what they can do to overcome it.

You can listen to all episodes of The Trouble With Writing Podcast on YouTube and Spotify. Feel free to contact us if you would like to suggest a topic for us to discuss on the podcast.

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