About Me

I'm 1.95m tall, write books and I can fly. 
One of these statements may be false.

Hi, I'm Phil - a writer and an educator from the UK. 

Currently, I live in Spain, and I help content writers transform their written English and supercharge their careers.

How did I end up here?

The English Writing Coach

In 2011, I quit my job in advertising, completed a CELTA teaching course and started travelling the world. Ten yea
rs later, and I've visited around fifty countries and taught students from even more!

Since 2016, I've worked as an English writing coach online. I'm passionate about books, travel, and helping people transform into the best versions of themselves. Now, I offer proofreading services, personalised language courses, and work with content companies to provide CPD.

Because of the time I've spent in Argentina, Mexico and Spain, I speak Spanish and often help Spanish learners of English. 

I've published two collections of short fiction, Foreign Voices (2018) and The Fisherwoman (2021). In May 2022, my debut novella, Fifteen Brief Moments in Time, was published with V Press. When I'm not writing, I'm usually dreaming up stories!

I also published How to Become a Proficient English Writer - a guide packed with useful tips for publishers and international writers. You can get the free eBook at proficientenglishwriter.com.

On this site, you'll find actionable advice about improving your English writing, information about my online clubs and sessions, and my contact details.

If you have any questions, I'd love to here from you. 
Please get in touch on Facebook, LinkedIn or via my email.