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5-Day Email Mastery Challenge

We ALL use email to write for work.
You probably write hundreds of emails a month.

What if I told you that in just 5 days, you could completely transform the results you're getting at work?


I've been keeping this quiet until now.
But today, I'm ready to launch my new 5-day Email Mastery Challenge.

Emails determine the quality of our business relationships, the smooth running of our projects, and the perception of our value at work.

It's CRAZY that most companies give ZERO training on this.

And I know that writing effective emails in English can seem even harder if it's not your first language.

If you are a freelancer, ghostwriter, staff writer, or are currently applying for jobs, you likely have these kinds of issues:

  • "Sometimes, people misunderstand my emails so I spend a lot of time explaining my ideas."
  • "I don't know the right level of formality to use for clients; their replies are not always positive."
  • "My pitches and job applications get no response."

Over the last year, I've gotten so many comments and messages about these problems, I decided to write a mini-course to help.


How does the challenge work?

You get daily training videos, resources and exercises to help, and morale-boosting messages.

If you complete the work in time, you can win two exclusive bonuses (an editing masterclass and a PDF resource pack full of time-saving tools).

Here's what we'll cover in the challenge:

  • Day 1: Fundamentals of email
  • Day 2: Build value through rapport
  • Day 3: Client communication
  • Day 4: Apply with confidence
  • Day 5: Submit with success

You can complete the work in just 30 minutes a day, and it could completely change the responses you are getting. Imagine receiving positive feedback, fewer questions, and more yeses!

Are you up to the challenge?

Start Building My Email Skills

Start the challenge any time and work at your own pace.

There's no price trickery here. No fake discounts. No invented urgency.
I'm simply offering the lowest price the challenge will ever be.

Think about it: one positive response to a well-crafted email in English could be worth A LOT MORE to you than the cost of the challenge (and the bonus masterclass could save you time and money).

Find out more about the challenge and get started today.

I'll catch you over there.