Launching New Courses

Not all writers have the same needs or the same difficulties. 

That's why I've launched three new courses to complement my core course.

These courses are more specified to help you reach your immediate writing goals. They all adhere to my one-on-one, personalised approach to writing improvement.


Transform Your Writing - Fast-track

This course is designed for multilingual writers with specific needs or who want to achieve quick results. Writers can select the six modules from the Transform Your Writing course which best fit their needs.

We'll focus on one form of writing (e.g. blogs / social media posts).

You'll need to dedicate three hours a week to the course to make enough progress. 


Storytelling Basics (10 Weeks)

If you want to get started with narrative writing, then this is the course for you. You'll learn about a new aspect of stories each week (characterisation, conflict, description, dialogue).

Each session includes personal feedback on a writing assignment, examples of great writing to learn from, and exercises to complete in class.

At the end of the course you can apply everything you've learned to craft your very own short story.

You'll also receive a comprehensive critique on your work and guidance on continuing your writing journey.


Ready for Publication

This advanced course is designed for writers who have completed the Transform Your Writing program. In six weeks, we will work together via Zoom calls and email to get your work ready for submission.

The cost of this course depends on the length of the manuscript.

Five hours of professional proofreading is provided in addition to the course.


For more information on these courses, please contact me by email.