The Cost of Not Improving Your English Writing

frustrated writer at computer

I often talk about the benefits of improving your written English.

Let’s look at this another way. What do you stand to lose if you stay on the same track and keep doing just enough to get by in English?


Cost of Not Improving Your English Writing #1: Worsening relationships

In business communication, relationships are built and maintained email by email. This is amplified in publishing, an industry where people produce, market and sell words. 

If you don’t know how to phrase ideas in English in the best way, it could hurt your key business relationships. You could lose an account to a slicker, more ambitious exec who takes their writing seriously.


Cost of Not Improving Your English Writing #2: Frustration with Language

At first you were satisfied to communicate in basic English. You were understood, you got what you wanted. But you can express yourself so much better in your native language. 

Your value is being downgraded, and the readers of your words think you are functional and uninspiring.


Cost of Not Improving Your English Writing #3: Missing out on the English-speaking Market

If you're not producing content and writing to clients and suppliers in English, you could be ignoring the biggest markets in publishing

Are you content to battle it out in your own insular market, or do you want to open opportunities all over the world?


Cost of Not Improving Your English Writing #4: Getting stuck at your current career level

Upper management usually have high-level English communication. It’s chicken and egg. Did they get promoted because of their English focus, or did they learn the importance of effective English writing to communicate with the right people? 

If you are happy languishing where you are, don’t worry. The ambitious challenge themselves to level up.

Worsening relationships, frustration, missed opportunities, getting stuck where you are. 
Which one scares you most?


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