4 Reasons to get an English Coach now!

working with an English coach

Nowadays there are so many ways you can improve your language - books, apps, videos, social media - so why would you pay a teacher when you can go it alone?

Well, if you do choose to learn on your own, you'll be ignoring so many aspects of learning. Besides, 2020 is a great time to explore the online marketplace to aid your learning. Here you can read about some the main benefits that learning with a professional brings. So, why do you need a language coach?


Reason to work with an English Writing Coach:
To structure your learning

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I have a friend who always keeps to his training regime and is in great shape. I asked him how he does it. "Pay for a trainer and stick to the program," he said. "You won't want to waste your money." Then he showed me the program he uses. Now, I'm a subscriber, too!

The same is true with education. With consistent lessons at the same time each week, it makes it easier to stick to a good learning framework. You feel like you let yourself down if you miss lessons, or step outside of your personalised plan.

Additionally, teachers can provide tips and resources for you to make the most of your study outside of lessons. By working with a professional, you are much more likely to see your learning as long term, and be able to reach attainable goals, step by step.


Reason to work with an English Writing Coach: We are social animals


Learning from pre-recorded materials like video courses is fine, but people need people. We need action, interaction and reaction!

Teachers care about their students as people, and get jut as much satisfaction from the human connection lessons bring. I've taught students from  nearly 100 different countries. Some of them were children, some of them were old. I've taught refugees and CEOs, mothers and grandmothers, artists and scientists. I've felt a great connection with these amazing people.

These days we share so much of our lives with each other we depend on the contact. When I haven't seen a student for a while and I ask them 'How are you?' I care about their answer. With the bonds that we form, we work together better.


Reason to work with an English Writing Coach: To get the feedback you need

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With distance courses or software, it's not possible to get quick and reliable feedback on your production. Students can improve in many ways outside of class, but people in the street are unlikely to correct your language mistakes, and international colleagues won't help you improve your emails or other writing.

Tutors are practised in providing the right kind of suggestions to help students improve on their weak points. In fact, a good teacher never stops learning and keeps up with the latest and best educational practices. For language students, communication is the most important aspect and without feedback on how to get better, they won't reach the higher levels of writing and speaking.


Reason to work with an English Writing Coach: Teachers will be your champions

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Through learning together and building trust, teachers can be the champions of their students. Our job is to help them succeed, so we want to encourage students and celebrate success together.

Trained English coaches know the right ways to praise and encourage students so that they keep going. Getting a smiley face from an app will never be the same as pleasing your teacher and being proud of yourself. If your teacher doesn't motivate you to succeed, then you've got the wrong one!


So how do you find a great English Coach?

Private students nowadays are customers, and will want to shop around to find the right tutor. As a language learner, it's likely you'll know others who can recommend teachers, in person of on social media.

There are also many teaching platforms to choose from:

Verbling has great classroom software and has just been acquired by Korean language giant Busuu. Check out teacher videos and stats before you book a lesson.

Italki is perhaps the best used and most diverse platform. They describe themselves as the AirBnB of language learning. The best aspect of iTalki, is that teachers can offer different classes, so it's easy to find experts in pronunciation, exam prep or writing for example. You can sign to get started here.

Another option is Cambly. This video chat platform can be great value for money, especially for students wanting to practise conversation. Get your sign up bonus here.

Of course, you can work with me. I help international publishing professionals become proficient English Writers. Find out about my course, Transform Your Writing.

Thanks for reading. I hope you find the right person for you. And remember, we all need a teacher.