5 Great English Channels to Follow on YouTube

Over the next few months, I'll be posting more about English learning. So, if you're a student, you'll be able to find lots of resources and links to help you improve.

I recently launched a YouTube channel with a few short videos to help my students. I wanted to share some of the channels that inspire me and that help so many students. Do you have any other favourite English channels? Let me know.


Best General English Site: BBC Learning English

bbc learning English

There is so much variety on this channel - grammar explanations, interesting vocabulary, news videos, cultural discussions. The videos are all short (1-3 minutes) and easy to digest.

Best for English Pronunciation: Accent's Way English with Hadar

Accent's Way English

This teacher has a deep knowledge of how to improve pronunciation step by step. She's great a explaining things in a simple way, and encourages student's to strive for better, not perfect. The videos focus on different world learners and offer small adjustments which can make big differences.

Best for English Speaking: Let's Talk

Let's Talk Youtube channel

This is one of the most popular channels and is based in Mumbai, India. It promises to teach fluent English with a neutral accent. It has helped millions of viewers improve in practical situations like at job interviews and giving presentations.

Best of British English: Papa English

Papa English

This teacher is smart, dynamic and funny. He makes an effort to try and pass on 'real English', which is something I'm passionate about, too. For any students moving to the UK to work or study, Papa's videos can give you an understanding of what to expect. I love his video about greetings. We need to stop using stock phrases like 'I'm fine, and you?'

Best for English Accents and Slang: Korean Billy

korean billy

It's great that a learner of English has taken such an interest in explaining regional differences and slang words. Watch Billy try and master different dialects and colloquial words as he explains what they mean. If you have ever watch TV shows like Peaky Blinders, where the characters have thick accents, this channel can help you.


Bonus channel: Luke's English Podcast

luke's english podcast

Luke has been recording his podcast for over 10 years. He works with the British Council in Paris and is also a stand up comedian. If you want to interact with real English and feel like you're hanging out with your friends each week, give it a listen. He has lots of great guest on the show, too.


I hope you enjoy watching the videos. Remember, feel free to recommend any more great channels in the comments.

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